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Archaeologists have discovered ancient cemeteries exclusively for dogs. One in Israel is approximately 2,500 years old.

- San Diego Natural History Museum

Our Unique Method
To Train Your Dog Effectively, You've Got To Know Their Personality

"My dog doesn't listen. What's wrong with him?" "Here's the leash. Please make him behave!" "Our dog eats food off the table and jumps on people. Make him stop!"

Sound familiar? These are just a few of the pleas K9 Living has answered in conjunction with the Kathy Santo training method. When you train your dog with K9 Living, you learn a fun and easy way to connect with your dog and teach them good manners. Our DVD's offer training solutions for every dog "type", helping you create a strong, long-lasting bond between you and your puppy or dog.

Training That Works for Your Dog and Every Dog

Dog training methods should vary from dog to dog, as no two dogs are alike. K9 Living training results, however, are always the same: obedient, confident, happy dogs and confident, happy owners too! K9 Living uses powerful observation skills and a precise training method to help you achieve success with your dog. More importantly, we bring to you a simple but revolutionary truth about canine training: Each dog has a unique personality that requires a customized training regimen to achieve ideal results.

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