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Kathy Santo's Philosophy

One study found that 75% of canine genes have equivalents in the human body.

– Institute for Genomic Research, Rockville, MD

K9 Living Training

To Train Your Dog The Right Way, Create An Individualized Training Plan That’s Right For Your Dog

K9 Living believes that you and your dog can become a well-balanced team that enjoys a long-lasting relationship. To build this bond, you need a full appreciation of your dog’s personality and you must recognize how your dog’s characteristics can help determine its customized training regimen.

From teaching basic and advanced commands to curbing problem behaviors, the K9 Living methodology represents a fresh, exciting, innovative approach to dog training for millions of pet owners.

Conventional wisdom dictates that for each new behavior, there is a set way to train a dog. For example, the traditional method for teaching a sit is to push down on the dog’s rump while repeating "sit!"

But what if your dog becomes submissive when you try to force it to sit? What if your dog responds aggressively when you touch its rear? What if your dog couldn’t care less if you sat on him? Like people, dogs are individuals, and they have unique personalities, idiosyncrasies, and behavioral responses. K9 Living, in conjunction with Kathy Santo, knows that decoding these individual characteristics — which are unrelated to the dog's breed — unlocks the secret of successful canine training! Learn more about your dog’s characteristics with our exclusive free Dog Personality Quiz where you get instant results that give you a customized look at your pooch’s personality.

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