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Dog owners share their stories

When we first got our puppy, Sami, I thought we had brought home the Tasmanian Devil — he was full of energy and left a path of destruction in his wake. Thanks to Kathy's training techniques, he has become a wonderful pet and a part of our family!
– Debby

With three children, a bichon, and a new Bouvier puppy, I was going out of my mind. The puppy was chewing everything, nipping everyone, and not listening. Kathy trained my dogs — and trained me how to train my dogs. I never thought the puppy would stay, and now I am absolutely in love with her.
– A Proud Mom

Our Lhasa apso was great around people but terrible with other dogs. Kathy's training methods to socialize our dog were easy to practice and build on. Within a few months, our dog was noticeably more comfortable around other dogs — and so were we. This success was only the latest in a line of behavioral improvements our dog has exhibited under Kathy's guidance.
– The Cohens

Kathy has been an asset to the entire family. We all trained with Kathy's methods, so our dog behaves for all of us. We have a smart but strong-willed dog with a mean streak that occasionally surfaces while he's being disciplined. At one time we were even considering putting him down, but with Kathy's constant support and advice, we learned the tools to be successful.
– Linda Spinelli and Family

I discovered that I was the one being trained, not my dog. Knowing how to handle Annie by giving consistent commands with the appropriate voice tones and follow-through has made family life with a dog a real pleasure. In fact, the kids and I are working on my husband to get a second dog. If we do, I know we'll be using Kathy's techniques!
– The Shorr Family

I can only say that without Kathy's training, we wouldn't know the full potential of our six-month-old Labradoodle, Apollo. He definitely does for her what we have not yet completely accomplished at home, but the glimmer of hope makes Kathy our hero. Once home from a stay with her, his calm, loving, listening self is a joy!
– Apollo's Family

When we fell in love with Winston, an 8-week-old English mastiff, we knew we had to find someone to teach us the proper training and care for a dog that could grow to be over 200 pounds. Our search lead us to Kathy Santo. Today, Winston is a confident, well-behaved, loving member of our family and a good canine citizen, thanks to Kathy.
– Donna and Ronny Jimmerson

Our breeder's nickname for Rocky, our yellow Lab, was "Trouble." Kathy took the "trouble" out of our dog and help him mature into the loyal, loving pet that he is today. Even though he's two years old and starting to demonstrate "teenage" rebellion, he still remains responsive to the commands that he learned from Kathy.
– The Thomas Family

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