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When you know your dog, you can train your dog! K9 Living developed this helpful quiz to help you understand your dog's personality. Knowing your pet's personality traits will help you to customize a training program that is more effective and rewarding for you both. This quiz is for any dog over eight weeks of age. Puppies are still evolving, so you may want to retake this quiz every four months until your dog is a year old.

Before feeding my dog dinner, I offer him a treat. He...
looks at me, clearly thinking: "No thanks. I'll wait 'til dinner."
doesn't want to be disturbed during his nap.
accepts it politely.
eats it and my pinkie.

After being apart, we spend some quality time playing Fetch. I throw the ball and he...
watches me throw it, then walks back inside and climbs on the couch.
runs to get it but never comes back.
runs and gets it three or four times, then quits playing.
is still out there playing Fetch well after dark.

When I try playing "I'm gonna get your feet!" with my dog, he...
rolls his eyes at me and walks away.
freaks out and hides under the bed.
starts to play with me, but then gets bored and stops.
gets really into playing the game.

If my dog's favorite toy rolls under the couch, he...
would spend the rest of his life trying to get it back.
spends an hour or so trying to get it, then finds another toy.
makes one attempt to get it, then gives up.
walks away as soon as it disappears. "What toy?"

When my dog wakes up from a good night's sleep, he...
races around like a maniac for the next 24 hours, or until I can catch him.
is energetic and ready to go for the rest of the day.
stretches, yawns, plays a bit, and is ready for a nap in a few hours.
goes outside and relieves himself, then comes back in and falls asleep again.

After walking your dog, you arrive home and realize you've been robbed! Your house is empty! Your dog...
calmly goes to where his bed used to be, yawns, turns in a circle, and sleeps through the sirens when the police arrive.
notices the house has been raided and shows some signs of curiosity or distress.
senses something is terribly wrong and barks madly, or quivers in the corner.
Please! This dog reacts hysterically when his food and water bowls are moved five feet. This would put him over the top!

Which of the following best describes your dog?
If the breeze ruffles her coat, she falls to the ground writhing in agony.
My dog tapped his head on the counter and cried for 15 minutes.
My dog ran into a wall — yelped once, then shook it off.
My dog ran headfirst into a parked car and left a dent — but he never blinked and kept running.

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